For Personal Class, please bring the following materials

• Paper/ or canvas

• Charcoal or pencils

• Coloured chalks or oil pastels

• An easel if you have or flat surface to work onto. Alternatively, a flat surface or table will work well.

• Masking tape if you have to secure your art work to the surface or onto the board on an easel

• Rubber

• Cloth

If you plan to paint please bring:

• Turps for oils paint to wash brushes

• Oil paints

• Water colour paint

• Acrylic paint

• Water in a cup for washing brushes

• Canvas

• Masonite board

For Group Classes, please bring the following materials

• Large piece of paper A 2 size

• Coloured pastels or oil pastels

• Charcoal

• Ink or Koki pens

• Any other markers you might want to use with colour

NB: Please make sure you wear an apron or old t -shirt to protect your clothing

I would also advise that you bring a sketch book to class and I will assist with ideas to draw in between classes.

Looking forward to seeing you online on Zoom!


Best Regards,

Isa – Your Teacher

083 600 4030

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