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Welcome to iBi Art School

Artist and businesswoman, Isa Schwartz Gesseau, is the creator of iBi Art School, where she has

been teaching art classes for over 16 years in her studio in Johannesburg. Offering personal

attention to her students’ needs as artists at any level, she has constructed a cradle for creativity

and expansiveness.

With a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Witstwatersrand followed by a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management, she is well versed in the art field. In addition to this, she has worked for the Valued Citizens Initiative for nearly two decades, bringing experience to her platform.

Thanks to her many years dedicated to community art workshops, she has used skills of

behavioral change through art, attesting to this visual form of expression’s therapeutic and cathartic

nature. She strives to achieve a nourishing environment, allowing her students to openly express

themselves creatively, all whilst learning technical skills of drawing, painting and mixed media. Isa

aspires to expand her reach as an instructor by offering a personal experience through online

classes, meeting her student’s needs in order to assure their artistic development.

It is more than just Art, it is a self healing process

Personal or Group Classes

We offer a wide range of classes that can either be done in a private one on one session or within a group.

Weekly Themed Classes

Our classes are themed weekly, you never get bored of learning the art process.

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Our system is easy. Give us a call, or contact us below through our form and voila! Book your class type and time & pay in person, via EFT or online.

You pay per class, cash or credit card or alternatively accounts are kept and Hannelie (my accountant) will invoice you at the end of each month. Classes are charged for that are attended and not on a monthly basis. You pay per class you attended.

Please note: A joining fee of R 150 per family is charged annually no matter what time you join in the year for admin.

Class Pricing

Children's Class
Monday & Friday
R280/ Per Person / Per Hour
  • Includes Paper and Charcoal
  • R30 surcharge will be charged if oils are used
  • Surcharge for extra materials used
  • More established students should have their own small box of oils and bring them to class when they attend class
Adult Class
Tuesday & Wednesday
R390/ Per Person / Per Hour
  • Includes Paper & Charcoal
  • Includes a light meal at the end of the class
  • R30 surcharge for oil & canvas (size dependent)
We also offer NIA dance classes!

Meet your teacher... Isa Gesseau

I assist with nourishing and building first time artists online in drawing, painting and creative skills. I also assist more experienced and developed artists going forward. I use mixed media to teach and use teaching processes that are very different, tapping into creating meaning through art using symbolism, colour, signs, symbols, words and values to create meaning. The aim of my teaching methodology is to allow for personal freedom within your own expression and to nourish my students with technical skills. Whilst making meaning of their lives and everything around them through questioning self and their own world within their boundaries and parameters.

What our students say

"I first met Isa in a dance class and was attracted to her vibrant energy but also to the glint of mischief in her eyes. I had been looking for an art teacher who would help me to crystalise my own voice and Isa is definitely that for me. She walks the journey so skillfully - sometimes giving you a push from behind, other times walking alongside you but mostly enticing you to try new things, offering suggestions and always lots and lots of positive encouragement. Having an artistic soul often exists alongside deep sensitivity and Isa's genius lies within her acknowledgment of this and so I have never experienced any assault to this sensitivity of mine, instead always deeply positive affirmations and genuine encouragement and a belief in me. There is music and laughter in her classes. Transitioning to an online approach has been so helpful for me, sometimes in a classroom situation one can get lost whereas with this approach I get personalized attention which has fed me so that my artistic expression is blossoming and developing at a greater rate than I thought possible."
Charmaine Viljoen
Attending Isa's art classes have changed my art and to a certain extent my life. Isa is a people's person, and she teaches from her heart. She is also very respectful of your own personality, style. She drives you to express yourself through your art in a very subtle and caring manner. You progress without noticing that she has been influencing you with her comments, ideas, the way she understands you and feeds this all back to you with praise and encouragement. I really love going to art with Isa as I know it will always be an excellent uplifting moment. My friends and family have seen a change in my art before and after Isa. My art is more daring, it has more feeling in it, and the colours are expressive - it is definitely more in tune with true self, my feelings and my personality. I would always recommend Isa to any person who would like to do art, whichever level you are on. She will definitely transform a person who is not confident in their art into a painter expressing their own art. By consulting her website, and you are wonder if you should join Isa's Art classes, do not think too long, go for it and experience it !!!
Cecile Marques

Artist testimonial & work

Isa is a very special art teacher and person.. She is teaching me via zoom, a place where we meet and is a healer through art. The art gives me a wide space to explore new avenues and techniques through wonderful teaching methodologies. Thank you Isa

- Anyka Funk

Artist testimonial & work

Isa. You are …
A breath of fresh air
A bundle of creative energy
A knowledgeable yet humble teacher. All this, and more, inspire my intrepid artist to put pencil to paper and explore my creative process. Thank you for providing a sharing and caring for me and my daughter.

- Bernice

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Personal or Group Classes

We offer a wide range of classes that can either be done in a private one-on-one session or within a group.

Weekly Themed Classes

Our classes are themed weekly, you never get bored of learning the art process.

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Our system is easy, pick a time slot, book, pay and voila! It's to suit you and work around your time. Book your spot today!