Personal Art Classes

Isa assists with nourishing and building first time artists online in drawing, painting and creative skills. Having taught for over 16 years, she has an extensive tool box to draw from and her skills reside in holding the space and guiding her clients in theirs in order to find their creativity and leading them forward into finding their artistic expression.

Isa says: ”Since Covid-19 and my start online, I have found that online classes give the client a very personal experience and I am able to give them my full attention. With a full library on-hand, I nourish with exact information drawing on my skills as an art teacher, and using all my great experience from working in my studio classes and from also working in community. I have found that I am getting great results from my online clients. Please be sure to indicate your exact needs and expectations and I will try my best to fulfil those with my teaching to deliver on your requirements.

Please enquire and send through any questions to

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